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Creating a stronger supply chain that’s ready for customer demand.

The Customer

An internationally known food manufacturer.

The Story

A selection of the packing configurations necessary in our customer’s bottled juice re-pack program was not completed in an amount conducive to running on their current lines. Bottled juice is completely driven by customer demand, so random volume surges are to be expected. However, it was not cost-effective to continue to pull their lines off to accommodate the off-amounts, which led us to co-pack solutions.

The Opportunity

The customer was in need of a cost-efficient solution with versatile packing configurations, specialized labeling, and the ability to handle 500,000 cases per year with random weekly surges in volume up to 1000% increase from the week before. Timeframe to prepare for the upcoming week’s volume is one weekend.

The Delivery

Needless to say, our flexibility was utilized to offset the volume complexity of this program. Cross-trained labor was pulled from other facilities in our campus environment and the appropriate labor processes were set up. We determined a dedicated automatic conveyor – as well as a Videojet printer (labeling) – to be optimal for cost and process efficiency. CWI Logistics was able to accommodate quickly to strengthen the customer’s ailing supply chain.

The Result

CWI Logistics was able to keep customers’ lines running by setting up a solution with custom labor processes and the necessary equipment within one week. The customer was able to handle the 500,000 cases including the peak months (March-October) – calling for full days, 6 days a week with only a weekend’s notice – without interrupting the supply chain. We are currently on pace to handle 750,000 cases this year, hitting all KPIs.

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