The key purpose of cold storage is to ensure that the temperature and lot integrity of your products are properly maintained while in a warehouse

The process is also important for accessibility and timeliness, but temperature and integration of your cold storage logistics are key.

Trust CWI Logistics for Your Cold Storage

CWI Logistics provides state-of-the-art cold storage and refrigerated warehousing facilities and services. We have extensive knowledge of the cold chain, from building our own facilities to operating others.

We have developed processes, purchased appropriate equipment, acquired a skilled maintenance division, trained a knowledgeable workforce, and adopted state-of-the-art systems to accommodate cold chain logistics.

CWI has a proven track record of successfully marrying the manufacturing process with transportation to the retailer. Our process is focused on delivering you visibility through integrated systems, our own temperature monitoring, and delivering your product to the right place on time while maintaining the product’s integrity.

Refrigerated & Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Temperature-controlled products require strict adherence to the cold chain. In order to manage this type of commodity, the right process, systems, and refrigerated warehouse facilities need to be used.

We believe our skill level to be exceptional with state-of-the-art refrigerated warehouse facilities in every temperature range. However, if we were to hang our hat somewhere, we would hang it on temperature-controlled warehousing.

CWI has grown from a single 100,000-square-foot temperature-controlled facility in 1967 to one million square feet of refrigerated cold storage across the Central Florida area – developing invaluable knowledge along the way. This experience is vital when considering all the intricacies of handling, storing, and transporting temperature-controlled products.

We utilize the knowledge gained from the past 50 years of experience by establishing optimal processes, training, and guidelines that save you time, money, and headache. Our obsession with flexibility drives the continued education of all temperature ranges: dry and ambient, temperature-controlled and refrigerated, and frozen. 

CWI offers USDA-approved solutions. These solutions include the following.

  • Cold storage management system
  • Cold storage process
  • Cold storage facilities

The Right Cold Storage Management System

Use our state-of-the-art warehouse management and monitoring systems, or we’ll adapt to your systems/method for visibility, so you always know where your product is, the volume, and temperature levels.

The Right Cold Storage Process

Quickly react to new orders by setting up the right warehousing, cold packaging, or refrigerated transportation operation. Whether with staging areas, pick lines, conveyor belts, special equipment, or whatever the job requires to get your product to the right place on time while maintaining the temperature integrity of your product throughout the entire process.

Refrigerated warehouse companies - Warehouse operations in action for cold chain logistics

The Right Cold Storage Facilities

Our refrigerated facilities are food-grade and can accommodate any type of inspection requirements you would like. Whether you deal with orders involving next-day deliveries, same-day deliveries, fresh meats, produce, dairy, raw materials, or any temperature-controlled product, we pride ourselves on flexibility and experience.

CWI Is Your Cold Storage and Distribution Partner

Speaking of flexibility, you should check out our other warehousing specialties: Ambient Warehousing and Food-Grade Warehousing. We are always available to answer any questions.

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