CWI Logistics has all your needs covered. We handle everything from seasonal influx solutions to quality control, pick and pack, shrink wrapping, fulfillment services, specialized kitting, and anything in between.

Trust the CWI Logistics Selection of Value-Added Services for All Your Needs

Here are a few of the additional services we can provide your business.

  • Bill of Lading: We provide an itemized receipt of goods shipped per outbound transaction; created by our customer service team. This is customizable based on your specific needs.
  • Catch Weights on Inbound and Outbound: Recording weights down to the case level (e.g., seafood and other fresh meats).
  • Slip Sheet Loading and Unloading: This includes reusable and customizable pallet-sized sheets of plastic/corrugate that replace traditional pallets and reduce costs.
  • Labeling/Stenciling/Stamping: Regardless of the packaging mark needed, we can provide it in-house–from adhering to a printed label–to ink jetting on the product with our state-of-the-art video jet printers.
  • Stretch Wrap – Hand and Machine Wrap: Get your product wrapped tight, and in place, eliminating shifting/damage when in transit.
  • Floor loads – Loading/Unloading: We can load and unload your goods directly from or to the floor of your truck or container. Using a variety of special forklift attachments we can more efficiently and effectively load/unload your freight.
  • Transfer in Storage in Title: We can create the necessary paperwork to transfer products into or out of your account.
  • Transfer in Storage: If your needs are more than just a transfer on paper, we can also physically move products into your account.
  • Pallet Sales: Avoid going through a pallet vendor by purchasing pallets directly from us. Let us use our power of purchasing to save you money.
  • Case Picking: If your customer needs to have an order filled that is less than a full pallet, CWI will gladly pick specific cases ordered. Do you need to order many different items on one pallet? We can do that also.
  • Sampling Keep your products’ quality assurance at its peak with QA sampling. You can also order samples to introduce new items to your customers. You can pick them up or we can ship them to you.
  • Late Order for Same-Day Pickup or Shipment: Our quick turnaround times allow for great flexibility, including same-day pickup and shipment for late orders.
  • Physical Inventory: Let our expert inventory team count all of your inventory and report back to you with all of the specifics. CWI can also do periodic cycle counts.
  • Sorting/Segregating: Tell us exactly how you want your items on a pallet and CWI will build it to your specifications.
  • Rail Car Loading/Unloading: With several of our facilities rail served by CSX we can load or offload rail cars. Do you need frozen, refrigerated, or ambient railcars unloaded? We do that too, whether the product is palletized, slip sheeted, or floor loaded, CWI can manage it.
  • Change Out Pallets: Broken or unstable pallets? We’ll switch them out for you.
  • Return to Stock: If an order is canceled, we can return your product to Stock.
  • Special Request Operating Supplies: We can get any special supply you need through our network of trusted partners.
  • Pull Samples for Case Goods
  • Air Bag: Provide your precious cargo with an extra layer of protection. We will make sure your freight is blocked and braced to avoid any shifting while in transit.
  • Running Duplicate Customer-Specific WMS: Do you need us to run your specific WMS in our facility? Not a problem.
  • Product Tempering: Do you need your product temperature to be increased or decreased to a specific degree before shipment, our temperature controls can manage that.
  • Room Freezing: If your items are coming to CWI above frozen temperatures, we will take the heat out of it and get your goods to the right temperature.
  • Plant Support: CWI currently supports manufacturers and processors by storing their raw materials and finished goods. We can help you too.
  • EDI: CWI can support all EDI transactions and data sets. This reduces the manual process of order entry and lessens the amount of human error.
  • Web Portal Order Processing and Inventory Management: Our web portal provides our customers with a real-time line of sight to their current inventory and offers our users the ability to process and input their orders. We can also create customer-specific reports to be sent at our customer’s convenience.

The only thing we love more than new challenges is ensuring our customers succeed. Need something unique to your business? Contact our team today!