Are you getting the most out of your contract warehousing experience? Benefits of contract warehousing include lower costs, lower capital investment, and guaranteed service and reliability. In other words, when you hire us for your contract warehousing, we take on the management of warehouse operations and allow you to focus on manufacturing. 

Trust CWI Logistics For All Your Contract Warehousing Needs

Contract warehousing with CWI allows you to simplify your operations as your company expands. As your company grows, you will tend to be pulled in numerous directions. When your operations become increasingly more complex, we begin to thrive and do what we do best. At CWI, we remove the headache when you leave your warehousing and logistics to us.

What Are the Benefits of Contract Warehousing?

As you consider a contract warehouse, here are some factors to think about.

  • Low Upfront Costs – Our contract warehouse solution takes capital costs from the equation, such as construction and maintenance costs. The facility already exists, and you can move right in.
  • Trained Staff – Experienced employees in all facets of warehouse work, including OSHA standards.
  • Quality Assurance – Your goods, whether they’re dry or temperature-controlled, are maintained by our high-quality staff in our high-quality facilities.
  • Centralization – If you’re not located where your customers are, our contract warehouses can help increase your geographic flexibility.
  • Advanced Logistics – We offer the ability to track a product’s location and utilize a wide range of intermodal transportation options.
  • Transportation – Providing multi-mode transportation services via an extensive network of affiliated asset-based providers.
  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange order transmission capabilities.

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We can operate inside your location with trained professional staff to apply best practices at cost-efficient solutions. A contract warehouse solution with CWI Logistics will work hard to help you continue to achieve success.

Reach out to us today so we can help you with all of your contract warehousing needs!