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Keeping products safe along a logistics supply chain is integral. Most manufacturers and consumers don’t consider the steps that third-party logistics (3PL) providers and carriers take to ensure the safety and security of freight during transportation. Start-up companies that handle their warehousing and transportation in-house are most at risk. Read on to learn why working with a professional logistics provider is the easiest way to ensure your freight reaches its intended destination.

Ways 3PLs Ensure the Safety and Security of Freight During Transportation

There are a number of ways to keep freight safe and secure during transportation. Here are 3 important practices 3PLs like CWI leverage to ensure freight arrives at its destination safely.

Screened Employees

3PLs implement screening measures when onboarding new warehousing team members. Providers are experienced in tracking, managing, and storing products. Moreover, when a business gives 3PLs custody of their products, the provider assumes liability should damage or theft occur. Employees that handle these products are well-trained and overseen by managers with industry expertise.


Inventory and tracking provide transparency and serve as additional layers of security for products as they traverse every point within the supply chain – from the moment they’re placed into the hands of the logistics company to when they reach their final destination. Tracking provides real-time data on product location and status. This type of system is difficult to corrupt, even internally.

A woman taking inventory for beverage manufactures in a warehouse with a clipboard and an RFI scanner.

GPS locating on trailers along with specialized locking mechanisms ensure the safety and security of freight during transportation. Warehouses that store products along the supply chain are also controlled facilities, often utilizing RFID locking systems.

Vetted, Major Carrier Networks

Lastly, 3PLs like CWI utilize extensive, affiliate carrier networks. These companies are vetted by the logistics company and often implement security and safety measures of their own. Working with a reputable carrier with a large fleet ensures your products are secure.

Since 3PLs work with these carriers regularly on numerous accounts, there is greater accountability, transparency, and trust.

CWI Logistics Will Ensure Your Freight Safety and Security

CWI has facilities spread all across Central Florida and works with a multitude of carriers and partners across the US. Since 1966, we’ve been serving a wide range of industries including apparel, promotion, eCommerce businesses, retailers, medical, and more.

As a premier 3PL provider, we offer you more robust freight safety and security than handling your own warehousing and logistics. Entrust your product storage and distribution to us so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Reach out to us today for all of your 3PL service needs!

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