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A freezer storage warehouse is a type of storage facility that is uniquely designed to preserve temperature-sensitive perishable goods until they’re ready to be delivered to consumers. Keeping these goods at the proper temperatures prevents spoilage and food waste. Read on to learn more about these types of warehouses and why they’re important!

Why Are Freezer Storage Warehouses Important?

Freezer storage warehouses give manufacturers the ability to distribute products like food, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and cosmetics to their consumers while preserving their quality and integrity. These storage warehouses are kept at temperatures below 32F (0C) and provide the following benefits.

  1. Extended shelf life
  2. Maintenance of freshness
  3. Large-scale distribution

1. Extended Shelf Life

Have you ever heard of Lucuma? Probably not. Lucuma is a fruit native to the Andes region of South America. One reason you’re unlikely to find it in the US is because of its short shelf life. It’s difficult to get the fruit from its farm in Peru to grocery shelves in the US. This is the case for many different food products.

An image of frozen meat. An example of what could be stored in a freezer storage warehouse.

Thankfully, because of refrigeration, we’re able to store thousands of perishable foods and products so they last long enough to make it to consumers. In hot climates like Florida, this is especially important. Goods are temporarily stored in freezer storage warehouses and then transported via refrigerated trucks to their final destinations.

2. Maintaining Freshness

Goods have to be kept at or below certain temperatures to maintain their freshness. This varies by product. Fresh products provide a better overall consumer experience. Freshness is also important for safety. Spoilage is hazardous to human health due to the potential for foodborne illness. Additionally, spoilage exacerbates waste. Waste not only costs manufacturers and producers money but also hurts the environment.

A picture of insulin bottles. Another type of product that might be stored in a freezer storage warehouse.

Ensuring freshness allows producers to meet demand by maintaining a steady supply of goods and products to their customers. Imagine if important pharmaceuticals like insulin weren’t kept at a proper temperature en route to users. Freezer storage warehousing changes the game!

3. Large-Scale Distribution

Lastly, because freezer storage warehouses are able to extend a product’s shelf life and maintain freshness, manufacturers and retailers are able to distribute their goods on a much larger scale. The large-scale distribution gives consumers access to products that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

For example, those bananas grown in Central America can find their way onto the shelves in Detroit, Michigan in mid-February. Those premium cosmetic products produced in California can be sold by a retailer in Orlando, Florida. At no other time in history have we been able to distribute millions of different perishable goods safely and effectively on a global scale.

CWI Logistics Is the Clear Choice for Your Freezer Storage Warehouse Needs

Keeping your products cold in Florida and the Southeastern United States is crucial. CWI has freezer storage warehouses across Central Florida and works with a multitude of carriers and partners across the US.

As a premier 3PL provider, we offer you robust cold chain management. We’ll save your business time, money, and costly frustrations. Entrust your product storage and distribution to us so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Reach out to us today for all of your 3PL service needs!

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