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Unless you’re immersed in an industry, it is very difficult to grasp exactly what a company does, and how it can benefit your business. Such is the case with logistics companies.

While you may realize they provide transportation services for shipping everything from consumer electronics to food to bulk materials, you may not realize some of the intricacies of their operations.

These aren’t secrets, in fact,¬†logistics companies¬†want you to know and understand 3 important things about them and their services.

Three Important Characteristics of Logistics Companies and Their Services

Exceptional logistics companies have these 3 characteristics.

  1. Training and experience
  2. Regulatory compliance
  3. Prioritization of safety

1. Logistics Companies Are Highly Trained and Experienced

Successfully providing logistics services is a complex process that requires a great deal of practice and training. This is especially the case for larger logistics companies that manage transportation for multiple partners at the same time. The longer a company has been providing logistics services, the more experience its principals and employees gain.

3PL warehouse worker on a forklift

This knowledge is then passed on to future customers to ensure smooth operations, regardless of the cargo, number of loads, or delivery schedule.

Additionally, they’ve built valuable partnerships with owner-operators and other companies, further enhancing their cumulative experience and knowledge.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of logistics is compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. From emissions control to driver hours to load weight, height, and width restrictions, it’s a never-ending trail of red tape and potential fines and problems for the uninitiated.

Logistics companies stay abreast of every law and regulation affecting the industry, thus, avoiding issues that delay deliveries. They can act quickly to comply with new requirements, much quicker than a private fleet owner, simply due to their size and access to resources.

3. Safety is a Priority

Trucks and trailers are literally thousands of pounds of steel carrying thousands of pounds of products down the highway. They must be regularly maintained or repaired to assure the safety of the driver, the cargo, other motorists, and the environment.

An image of a man inspecting a truck for safety. Logistics companies adhere to strick safety measures.

Logistics company drivers, therefore, undergo rigorous training, testing, and background checks to assure they are well-suited for the job. Trucks are well-maintained and receive regular inspections and repairs, to assure they are road-worthy and safe to operate. In addition, each load type requires specific safety measures to secure, or contain, it for safe delivery to its destination.

When weighing the option of operating a private fleet or outsourcing, keep these points in mind. Also realize that if you choose the private fleet option, your company will be responsible for these tasks and more. However, outsourcing relieves you of these burdens and allows you to focus your attention on your core business, and may well save you money.

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