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Going green can generate green – and goodwill – for companies that shrink their carbon footprint, and the supply chain often plays a key role in such efforts. As companies increasingly look to improve sustainability, it’s vital that they look beyond in-house operations, and toward green supply chain management with their 3PL provider.

A Green Supply Chain (GSC) Mitigates a Company’s Carbon Footprint

A product’s carbon footprint is the carbon dioxide emitted across the supply chain to deliver one unit of the merchandise, the UK’s Carbon Trust explains in a report.

Green supply chain - a picture of a footprint on sand to represent the term "carbon footprint"


“In most sectors, the direct environmental impacts of an organization are dwarfed by the carbon emissions relating to the products and services in their supply chain. As leading businesses get better at reducing carbon emissions in their own operations, they recognize the responsible thing to do is to focus efforts on where they can have the greatest impact.”

A Carbon Trust official noted when the organization launched a program for companies working to cut emissions outside their direct control.

Fostering Goodwill Among a Company’s Clients

Through either voluntary initiatives or mandatory programs, thousands of corporations worldwide now report their greenhouse gas emissions. Having a good record as a green 3PL, corporate citizen, or at least as a company focused on reducing carbon emissions, can be a selling point for environmentally conscious consumers. And it can clearly improve the bottom line.

CDP, an environmental organization that collects carbon data from companies, reported this year that the more than 4,300 suppliers disclosing environmental data in 2016 saved $12.4 billion through emissions reduction activities.

Also, 89 members of CDP’s supply chain program with $2.7 trillion in purchasing power combined, including Walmart, BMW, and Microsoft, ask their suppliers to disclose environmental information to CDP.

“Supply chains must be a focus for global organizations seeking to avoid the risks and capitalize on the opportunities that come from building a sustainable future,” CDP says.

Green Supply Chain (GSC) Management Through CWI Logistics

Choosing an environmentally friendly 3PL can support your company’s corporate responsibility program. CWI Logistics is proud to be one of Inbound Logistics G75 GSC Partners. The magazine last year cited the green measures we take at all CWI Logistics, Inc. sites, including our cold storage sites – cool roof installations with extra insulation and reflective membrane roofing that substantially cuts energy use.

The magazine also noted our recycling programs, use of recycled materials, upgraded lighting, and electric forklifts.

We’ve been cultivating a green corporate culture, supporting the greening of the supply chain for several years, and are excited to help our customers achieve their green supply chain goals and continue our own.

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