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Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, has been a trending topic of late. There’s been a lot of discussion about how AI will change different industries, and logistics has not been left out of this conversation. There are several ways AI has affected the logistics and warehousing industry. Today, we’ll go over some ways we’ve seen AI being incorporated into our industry.

5 Ways AI Is Changing Logistics 

With AI technology growing every day, it’s hard to predict how relevant certain technologies will be in warehousing in the future. There are hopes of what AI can do as it grows, and then there is the reality of what it’s doing right now for the industry. These are the five ways we’ve seen AI begin to affect logistics and warehousing. 

Predictive Capabilities Increasing Efficiency 

Having predictive capabilities is invaluable to the logistics industry. Logistics is all about efficiency, and without being able to see what’s working or what’s not, efficiency suffers. With the rise of AI, predictive analytics has been able to give logistic companies a clear picture of what needs to be changed to increase productivity. 

AI has played a major role in optimizing shipping routes, providing ideal warehouse layouts, and even alerting when maintenance needs to be done on trucks or machinery. This way, logistic companies can easily and effectively optimize their supply chain quicker than before AI was around.

Automated Inventory Stocking and Inspections 

One of the biggest challenges in warehousing is inventory management. Inspecting for quality and knowing how much of each item you should have in stock can be a time-consuming task. AI has made significant improvements in easing the difficulties of this job. 

In real-time, AI can determine what items need more supply and which can stand to have less. It also can conduct automated inspections of the products and automatically purchase what needs more stock. 

Improved Climate Control with Smart Innovations

If you’re in the logistics industry, you know that certain products require controlled climates while being stored or transported. Keeping these items in a safe, controlled environment is vital to being able to serve your customers well and with confidence. 

AI has revolutionized how we monitor our climate-controlled environments and ensure they’re functioning properly. By being able to read temperatures and humidity levels, AI can alert warehouse workers and transporters as soon as the ideal climate is compromised. This way, action can be taken quickly to avoid any products from going bad or being damaged, saving time and money.

Increase in Data-Based Decisions 

Data is essential in determining efficiency in a logistics company. Numbers don’t allow room for disagreement and give a bird’s eye view of the health and productivity of your warehouse. In the past, while there was software to help, companies would need to sift through this information and interpret it on their own. 

AI, on the other hand, is able to compile all the available data, interpret it, and provide recommendations based on the numbers. This ability to quickly read and analyze data is invaluable in making more data-informed decisions for the company to help increase efficiency, safety, and productivity. 

Enhanced Worker Safety

Worker safety is a top priority for any employer. You want to be able to provide your warehouse workers and truck drivers with certainty that they will be safe working with heavy machinery or transportation vehicles. AI has provided a way to bridge any gaps in worker safety there may be. 

By making sure all machinery and truck are maintained properly and having the capability to monitor workers for behaviors that could lead to an accident, AI provides an extra layer of protection against human error—further preventing injury and minimizing dangerous situations. 

CWI Logistics Is on the Forefront of the Latest Technologies

At CWI, we want to keep on top of all the latest technologies that are revolutionizing the way warehousing and logistics operate. We want to find the most cost-effective solutions for our customers while utilizing the tools available to us to increase efficiency and support supply chain optimization. That’s why we’re keeping our eye closely on AI as it changes and improves our industry. 

If you want a third-party logistics company that will stay ahead of the game on technology, contact us today about our warehousing services and more!

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